Mini Mix

What is a mini mix?
The Mini Mix is a production series developed by Mirror Immage Entertainment's Mini Mix Factory. The productions are designed as 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-song mixes. The song layouts allow for proper tracking when the mixes are played for broadcasting or in streaming services or when the productions are purchased; the opportunities can stay consistent for steady revenue generation.

What can be made as a mini mix?
Most music genres can be utilized to create mini mixes. The key element will be to maintain a palatable production for the consumer to appreciate. With the generations of music lovers out there, no one is a stranger to mixed music.

How can a mini mix be used?
A mini mix, just as a stand alone song, can be used like we have always enjoyed our music. The listener will be more engaged with the combining of the multiple tracks in a melodic way. If being played in a broadcast (i.e., radio station), the mini mix can garner a sponsor. The mini mix can be introduced as a specialty for that broadcast. If being played through a streaming service, the mini mix can present an off-shoot (channel or channel series) for that streaming service. And for the interests of the labels, the mini mix can, at its base development, be a greatest hits project(s) for an artist and allow all involved to receive new revenue.

DJs have been spinning the 1s and 2s for decades. They have made musical magic! DJs from around the globe have performed and created musical lightening and thunder in arenas and stadiums, on dance floors and radio stations' broadcast. The mini mix is a way of capturing that lightening in a bottle.

And with a method in place, we can now pass out samples of the lightening with just a push of the button.

For the music lover, here to the right are some links to a series of mini mixes. ENJOY!

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Mini Mix Links

Maximum Rhythm
Maximum Rhythm was created to showcase the mini mix. Here you can find some selections from our library. You can enjoy 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-song mixes.

The Good Life Express
The Good Life Express started out as a weekend hip hop show. As time has evolved it took on a life for a more mature audience. The music is a bit of modern and old school put together. Our style is a 'Grown-Folks' Approach'.

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