Welcome To Mirror Immage Entertainment

One of our latest visual projects is called Prescription:K9. This is a series we are developing where a man is experiencing the misfortune of divorce and at the same time he is learning how to share life with dogs. The interesting part about the gentleman is he has never owned, cared for or has ever been around dogs. However, our friend feels a connection with these dogs and decides to allow them to stay at his new home.

The story take place in current times. Our lead character is finalizing the divorce of a 19-year marriage. Although interested in making the marriage work, our lead gives his estranged wife what she wants. Our story follows him and how he leads his life after marriage.

Mirror Immage is adding in dogs to delve into the dynamic that they bring to our lives as our pets and family members. Our human interaction with dogs has grown and evolved to new heights both socially and personally. So being the creators that we are, we jumped at the chance to develop a narrative around all of the ingredients in the story-line; and adding dogs to the mix --- outstanding!

Lastly, this project allows Mirror Immage to partner with two creative and brilliant entities in INNERPRIDE ENTERTAINMENT and LILSICKID PRODUCTIONS. All three companies have been associated in multiple projects, but this time this is our project that we have been working on together since the very beginning. The chemistry between the companies is undeniablly positive and infectious. That energy goes into production in late Spring 2020.

The late start is due to COVID-19. Production will start once it is determined that conditions are safe for the cast & crew as well as the animals.

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